The TL;DR of The Baked

3 min readApr 20, 2023

The Baked is a new Slice coming to the Pieland Collection! However, the way it’ll be a little different than what you might be familiar with. created a dedicated blog — A New Slice Of Pieland — that breaks down what’s happening and everything you might need or want to know about it. But we also know some people just want a quick summary, so this is the “Too Long; Didn’t Read” version!

The Baked is a group of Octopies in Pieland that have lived, in secret, in the Haunted Forest. The Slice is made up of a range of Octopies from different backgrounds and origins, making them an interesting Slice. However, it also means that getting this Slice requires transforming an Octopie. If you want to get one, get ready to select one of your Octopies to be transformed!

Welcome to Pieland!

The process to transform an Octopie will be simple and easy for our community members. You simply go to the MyPies Compietition Builder between April 24th and May 8th to take part. There, you select the Octopies you want to transform, click submit Compietition, and wait. Make sure you keep ownership of that Octopie in the same wallet until the Compietition finishes!

After the Compietition finishes, your submitted Octopies will turn into an “Unrevealed Octopie” NFT. They’ll stay like that for a few days while our team works on baking up your new Octopies. Soon after, we’ll have the big reveal, and your Octopies will be transformed into a member of The Baked!

There will also be 3 Leaders of The Baked up for grabs — each one being a unique, 1 of 1 Octopie, with its own name, traits, biography, and backstory.

The Octopie you submit will influence the Octopies in the pool of The Baked. If you submit a bunch of Pierates to be transformed, then more of The Baked will have hooks and peg legs! Please note, what you submit only impacts the total pool of randomly generated Octopies in The Baked. It doesn’t influence or impact what specific Octopies you will receive.

To keep you on track, here’s the timeline for The Baked release:

- April 20th — We announced the new Slice and shared this blog!

- April 24th — The Pie Exchange Compietition opens up. Collectors can select which of their Octopies they want transformed into a new Octopie from The Baked

-May 8th — The Compietition closes. Collectors must keep hold of the Octopies they submitted in their Compietition for them to be transformed into an “unrevealed” Octopie NFT.

- May 12th — The unrevealed NFTs are transformed, and collectors can see their new Octopie from The Baked in their collection. The “original” art and metadata of that NFT is gone forever.

A sneak peek at a Piesces Octopie transformed into a member of The Baked!

That’s the TL;DR version. We’ve also done a more detailed piece that walks through different technical aspects, provides more insight into who The Baked are, and should help answer any deeper questions you might have. If you still have more questions, just reach out to us in our Discord!