The Kitchen Is Now Open!

5 min readFeb 10, 2023

The latest tool for the Pieland community is now live — The Kitchen.

Earlier this week, we promised a new feature would be coming to Pieland — and now it’s here! We’re so excited to show off The Kitchen. The Kitchen is a tool that allows our community members to customize the name and biographies of each of their Octopies (not including 1-of-1s). But wait — there’s a catch!

That’s right, this ability to customize your Octopie’s details isn’t open to just anyone. If you want to use The Kitchen, you need to own a Pieland Oven that matches the Slice of the Octopie you want to customize. So, if you want to edit a Pieson Octopie, you need to own a Pieson Oven in the same Wallet. Simple enough, right? Well, if you aren’t sure, feel free to join our Discord and ask any questions! Don’t forget, the Pieland Ovens are pretty exclusive in supply, so if you want to get one, you might want to scoop it up soon. If you already have an Oven and want to jump right into getting creative, check out MyPies, click your test case Octopie, and hit “Open Kitchen”. Thanks to our amazing developer Bonfire, the process is as easy as pie!

Step-By-Step Guide
To make this process even clearer to understand, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, I go to MyPies and connect my Wallet. I make sure I’m filtering to only show “MyPies”.
I miss the Doughctor.

2. Next up, I click the Octopie I want to edit, knowing that I need to have a matching Oven. I choose a Pieborg, since I own a Pieborg Oven. The screen pops up, and I can now choose the “Open Kitchen” option.

Mmmm, blueberry. Tasty.

3. Once I open the Kitchen, a new pop-up comes up that gives me the option to edit the name and/or the biography of the Octopie. It also has a “cut-out” of the Octopie, i.e. without the background, for easier ways to show off the Octopie in different places.

Look at this little cutie pie

4. So, I give my Octopie a new name — Paul — and edit the biography into the wittiest thing any human or Octopie has ever thought of. Then I hit “Save Changes”.

Wittiest bio I’ve ever seen. I dare you to try and beat it.

5. After a brief second, boom, it’s updated. My Octopie now has a new identity and backstory, which I can instantly see in MyPies.

Paul is looking fantastic if I do say so myself.

6. For the update to show in OpenSea, you might need to hit “Refresh Metadata” to have the updates come in. Or you can just wait and eventually it will update automatically if it hasn’t already!

Let the whole world see!

And… that’s it!
I’ve now used the Kitchen tool to make my Octopie NFT even more special to me. This tool has allowed me to add a unique fact about my Octopie and give it a name. In fact, I can now use the MyPie search tool, type the little cutie pie’s name in, and up he pops! Check it out in the image below:

We’re almost ready to launch 22andMe for the Octopies.

Here’s another little bonus update — to help keep track of all these changes, we’ve launched a new channel in the Pieland Discord. This channel will automatically track and post any edits to any Octopie. You can find it in the #nft-edits channel!

If it’s not on Discord, did it really happen?

Well, there you have it, a new way to engage and use your Octopie NFTs, while adding an extra slice of utility to the Oven NFTs. Not a bad way to start the weekend, huh? Now let’s get out there and bake up something creative to show off to the community!

Please note, we ask that when creating a unique name or biography for your Octopie, you follow the Kitchen Code of Conduct, which you can see below. As much as we believe in true ownership and the freedom that Web3 gives, we also want to make sure that Pieland always maintains a level of respect and kindness to everyone. Thank you for understanding.

The Kitchen Code of Conduct

Names and Descriptions(Bios) must adhere to the following rules:

- No offensive or discriminatory messaging. This includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate comments based on race, sexuality, gender, religion, or politics.
- No profanity or vulgarity (including obfuscation or ‘workarounds’). Pieland is family friendly.
- No names of real people without permission from said person. Puns/wordplay on said names may be considered acceptable.

If you’re unsure if a name or bio is acceptable, please reach out to the team to ask first. The Pieland team retains the right to revert any name deemed unacceptable or not in the spirit of Pieland. The team also retains the right to adjust this Code of Conduct at any time.