Pieland Poker Grand Prix

3 min readApr 13, 2023

Here at Pieland, we’re all about having fun. Which is why we’re very excited to announce our new monthly poker tournament series: The Pieland Poker Grand Prix!

How It Works

From April through November, each month we’ll be running some fast-paced, high-action Poker tournaments. That means 8 tournaments will be happening from now until the end of the year. Each of these tournaments will be stacked with prizes too! To enter, you must own an Octopie. If you don’t have one, you can head to OpenSea to purchase one today!

In each of these 8 individual tournaments, here’s what will be up for grabs:

Individual Event Prizes
🥇1st Place — A Gold PieOAP, $100 in crypto, and a custom Pieland Card Deck
🥈2nd Place — A Silver PieOAP and $50 in crypto
🥉3rd Place — A Bronze PieOAP and $25 in crypto

Getting on the podium will earn you a beautiful PieOAP, courtesy of our resident art wizard Ryan, as well as some crypto prizes. And for all you tournament winners, you’ll be able to get your hands on a new, limited-run Pieland-themed card deck!

Gold, Silver, and Bronze PieOAPs (Final Art may change)

But we’re not stopping there — every player who makes it into the Top Ten of the Poker game will receive points based on their finishing position. These points will carry over across each tournament, tallying up as we go. The players with the most points after these 8 tournaments will receive the final rewards:

End-of-Compietition Prize Pool
🥇1st Place — A custom 1/1 Poker-themed Octopie NFT and the 1st Place Trophy
🥈2nd Place — 1 Random Octopie from the Pieland Vault, an Oven, and the 2nd Place Trophy
🥉3rd Place — 1 Random Octopie from the Pieland Vault and the 3rd Place Trophy

But that’s not all — In December, we’ll host an invitational-only final tournament. The 10 players who earned the most points throughout the other tournaments can join this game and have a chance at the grand prizes. This tournament will be a slower blind tournament and a true battle of the best in our community. This makes sense, given the unique and exciting prizes up for grabs:

Bonus Final Invitational Event (December)
🥇1st Place — Custom 1-of-1 Pieland Poker Chip Set

The Pieland Poker Chip Set will be a unique, 1-of-1 set, with custom Pieland-themed chips, a certificate of authenticity and a hand-made wooden box. Plus, ALL players in the final, invitational tournament will receive a limited-run Pieland Card Deck.

As you can see, with Pieland NFTs, Custom PieOAPs, Cash Prizes, card decks, and a unique poker chip set, there are plenty of great rewards up for grabs.

The first event starts next week, on Monday, April 17th at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET, meaning you have plenty of time to brush up on your poker skills before jumping into the Pieland Poker Grand Prix. To follow along, make sure you’re in our Discord and keeping an eye on our news & announcements channels!