2 min readApr 28, 2023


Free Pies!
We’re piexcited to talk about a few lucky collectors who will be getting a free Octopie from The Baked.

If you haven’t heard the news, a new Slice has arrived in Pieland! The Compietition to submit your Octopies to be transformed into The Baked is NOW OPEN! But keep in mind, it will close on May 8th, 2023. So go ahead and submit your Octopies now before it’s too late. You can do so here using the MyPies tool.

The Compietition for The Baked is now open!

Now, let’s get into the real fun. To celebrate this new Slice, we’re giving away some Octopies from it! We want to reward both our active collectors and our biggest collectors. Which means we’re rewarding two groups — the top performers in the Boss Battle against “Scraps” from last year, and any collectors holding over 30 Octopies!

Here’s how the giveaways will work:

Boss Battle

  • Anyone holding a Gold Boss Battle PieOAP will get a guaranteed Octopie from The Baked, for a total of 5 given away.
  • Anyone holding a Silver Boss Battle PieOAP will be entered into a raffle to win an Octopie from The Baked, with 3 being given away.
  • Anyone holding a Bronze Boss Battle PieOAP will be entered into a raffle to win an Octopie, with 1 being given away.
The three different types of PieOAPs.

That’s a total of 9 Octopies up for grabs!

Biggest Holders
To evenly reward our biggest collectors — and to keep things simple — we’ll be doing a one-off flat reward to the biggest Octopie hoarders.. This will be based on holdings during a snapshot taken this morning.

  • Anyone holding 30 or more Octopies will receive 1 of The Baked.

This works out to around 30 Octopies up for grabs!

So, a total of almost 40 Octopies will be transformed into The Baked and given away to these lucky winners. Note, the Octopies will be given away in their “Unrevealed State” sometime after the Compietition finishes (8th of May) but before the artwork is revealed. This helps ensure the Octopies given away are random and fairly distributed.

The full list of winning Wallet Addresses will be posted in our Discord and added to this blog once the distribution is complete. If you’re one of these lucky winners, there’s nothing you need to do! The Octopie will appear in your account without issue and as part of the original Pieland Collection.

In the meantime, don’t forget to head over to MyPies and select a few Octopies to get Baked.