Baking Up Some Magic

5 min readMay 12, 2023

A look at the surprises that will come along with the release of The Baked.

Last week, we announced in Discord and Twitter that we would be extending the deadline for The Baked, after discussing it with the Pieland community. Since then, we’ve made sure to keep sneak peeks and teases on the go — but now, we want to lay it all out, so you can see what’s coming from The Baked.

The deadline for The Baked is Monday, May 15th, 2023, at 10am PT. If you haven’t entered yet, go do so at MyPies!

This is a tease of what some The Baked Octopies could look like.

Now that you have at least one Octopie getting ready to get Baked, it’s time to talk high-level about what you can keep an eye out for.

A Different Sound

Have you ever felt that Pieland felt a little… quiet? Maybe, too quiet? Well, it’s time to change that.

…drum roll, please!

We’re excited to announce that the Octopies in The Baked will each come with a “Music” trait. That’s right, the NFTs will have a short, looping audio track, adding a little more Pieland flavor into the Octopies. There will be half a dozen audio options in The Baked, with each Octopie getting just 1 of them.

We’re pieroud to announce that this music was baked up by our very own teammember, Pielar (@pilarsop)! You may know her as our social media manager, but she also works in the music business and was pieleased to take on this project for The Baked.

There will be 3 more commonly found audio traits, and a few rarer ones. The loops are all unique, ranging from synth to meditative to electronic. You can listen to one of these audio tracks, which we previously shared as a secret sneak peek in our Discord, below:

There will be 3 more commonly found audio traits, and then a few that are a bit harder to find. You can listen to one of these audio tracks, which we previously shared as a secret sneak peek in our Discord, below:

Take a listen to one of the audio tracks!

Unique Octopies

For those of you who have been following along on Discord, you’ve already seen a few of these. But, let’s lay them out to help make it clear. In total, there will be 3 1-of-1 Leaders of The Baked, and a unique 1-of-1, inspired by May 4th.

The Octopies are:
- The Sloth
- The FeralThe Healer
- The Healer
- The Piewok

The above Octopies are all from the custom 1-of-1 Octopies you can expect to see in The Baked Slice. So, make sure you have transformed at least one Octopie to have a chance of landing one of these unique and fun characters.

Another very special Octopie is also coming soon. A new Guardian Octopie. But it will not be in The Baked Slice. Meaning it will not be up for grabs from transforming your Octopie into The Baked. Details on how it will be claimable will come in the near future. However, to have a chance of earning this unique 1/1 Octopie, you will need to own one of The Baked Octopies. That’s why we wanted to give you all a heads up now.

We will also be sending 2 Unrevealed Octopie from The Baked to the owners of the other two Guardian Octopies. That will be The Chicken Pot Pie and The Cherry Pie. They will be distributed alongside the other Free Pies.

A New Slice

Alongside the special 1-of-1s, we will also be having a bunch of new, fun, lore-building traits in The Baked. New backgrounds, new items, new Compienions… and some will look familiar, but with a twist.

Undoubtedly, one of the most eye-catching new features will be the “Origin Slice”. Since The Baked is made up of other Slices that have been transformed, each Octopie in the Slice is represented differently depending on its original Slice. A Pierate Octopie turned into one of The Baked will have a peg leg and a hook. A Zompie will still be missing half its face. A Piesces will still have its fins, and so on.

When you get your Octopie, you can ask why the Expieriment stumbled into the Haunted Forest in the first place? Did your Pieborg want to become a member of The Baked, or did it have no choice?

We can’t wait to see what the community makes of this new world of storytelling. Especially when the ability to rename a member of The Baked or give it a unique Bio are released…

Pies In The Window

With all these piexciting things to look forward to, we have no doubt that you want to have an idea of how many Octopies will be in The Baked or how many different types of Octopie from the “original’’ Slices have been submitted. Or maybe you want to get an idea of how many Octopies other community members have submitted. Well, you’re in luck!

We collected this data in an easy-to-read format at the link below. Note, this was done by a Snapshot on Tuesday evening, and the numbers are subject to change. We will post an updated version of this snapshot on Sunday afternoon in our Discord and here in this article. But for now, you can see there are currently over 500 Octopies submitted for The Baked!

Update: We now have the updated snapshot, taken this morning at 9am PT.

We are thrilled for The Baked to be distributed and revealed to you all. The team has worked hard to bring this innovative approach to releasing more content, at no cost to our collectors. We’re excited to keep driving the story, the brand, and the vision of Pieland forward. We look forward to seeing what you all get, so make sure to share it on Twitter and Discord!

Thank you, Piemilia.