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A New Slice Of Pieland

A new Slice is coming to Pieland! A new piece of the pie. A Slice to own a piefect piece of. Or is it a slice of a Slice?

For those of you looking for just a summary of this fresh information, we have a companion blog called “The TL;DR of The Baked”. Check that out if you want the quick version. If you want the full scoop, find everything in that article, and more, keep reading!

For our community members who have avidly followed our lore and story unraveling, you’ve already seen a sneak peek of this new Octopie Slice. Today, we’re revealing even more of the story. On top of that, we’ll break down some technical aspects and need-to-know information about how you can claim an Octopie from this new Slice, as well the impact that has.

Before we dive into it, the Pieland team wants to make one thing clear — we are not increasing the Octopie NFT supply, nor are we releasing them under a separate collection. There will still be a maximum of 8,314 Octopies. This new Slice will therefore impact the rarity %s of all other Octopies.

This is because we’ve opted for an exchange approach. The Pieland community will have a short window of time where they can choose to submit one or more of their Octopies to be “transformed” into an Octopie from this new Slice. Once the window closes, the submitted Octopies will become “unrevealed”, their metadata and artwork will be replaced, and shortly after, the new Slice will be distributed out to those NFTs.

That’s right — this fun image will be back in action temporarily as part of this process!

We know this might be a lot of information, so let’s break it down and take a look at how it will work.

The Baked

Let’s start by introducing the new Slice. We’re proud to announce “The Baked”. They’re a group of Octopies living in the Haunted Forest of Pieland, a piece of land previously believed to be uninhabitable. It turns out that not only is there a small group of eccentric Octopies surviving there, they are in fact thriving! With their own culture, lifestyle, and rituals, these Octopies are a very unique group.

One of the things that makes The Baked so unique is that their Octopies are made up of a mixture of other Slices. When a stray Pieborg strolls into the Haunted Forest or a Piesces wades too far from the shore, they meet The Baked. The Baked offer salvation and escape from the winding, dangerous maze of the Haunted Forest. They’re a place of refuge for those who get lost in the woods. Once these Octopies join this new Slice, the new diet and lifestyle doesn’t just change their mindset. It changes their genetic makeup. They transform and become part of The Baked. You may still recognize the origin Slice of members of The Baked by some leftover identifying traits, but it’s clear they have changed.

This Robobunny looks a little… different.

We’ll be showing off more unique traits and lore from The Baked in our Discord in the coming days, so keep an eye out. For now, let’s take a look at how you can get an Octopie from this new Slice!

How To Get One

The Baked is a group made up of Octopies that have transformed from their Origin Slice into this new Slice. If you want to get your hands — or tentacles — on one of them, you’ll have to do the same!

On the 24th of April, we’ll be starting a new Compietition in our MyPies tool that will be open for entries for 2 weeks. In this Compietition, collectors can select any number of their Octopies to be submitted. Once a collector submits their Compietition entry, all they need to do is wait until it finishes, on May 8th. As long as the submitted Octopies are still in the Wallet that submitted them, they will qualify to be transformed.

The Octopies that will be transformed will have their artwork and metadata permanently removed from circulation. The NFT won’t leave the collector’s wallet. Instead, it will be first changed into an “unrevealed” NFT, signifying that it will become one of The Baked. A few days later, there will be a reveal where all the eligible Octopies will be turned into one of The Baked Octopies. This will happen at random, just like in the original Pieland Octopie NFT reveal.

To be clear, the original Octopie you submit will effectively be lost forever. You will keep the NFT, but the data on it will change. For this reason, we ask that you please make sure you take your time to make the decision. If you make a submission but change your mind, you can do so by submitting a new Compietition entry. The last Compietition submission you enter will be the one that is used.

Ok, we understand this might feel a little info heavy. Let us lay out the timeline:

- April 20th — We announced the new Slice and shared this blog!

- April 24th — The Pie Exchange Compietition opens up. Collectors can select which of their Octopies they want transformed into a new Octopie from The Baked

-May 8th — The Compietition closes. Collectors must keep hold of the Octopies they submitted in their Compietition for them to be transformed into an “unrevealed” Octopie NFT.

- May 12th — The unrevealed NFTs are transformed, and collectors can see their new Octopie from The Baked in their collection. The “original” art and metadata of that NFT is gone forever.

The Ingredients of The Baked

When we say this is a new Slice, we mean new! The traits, artwork, backgrounds, etc. have all been created specifically for this Slice. The only exception to this are the Mouth traits (that’s right, there are new Eyes traits!).

Since The Baked are made up of other Slices, some traits will be familiar, but have a different twist and metadata identity. Likewise, the Octopie you get from The Baked will have an Origin Slice trait. This will determine the body of the Octopie. What you submit will not directly relate to what you get. If you submit 10 Pieborgs, there’s no guarantee you’ll get an Octopie from The Baked with the Pieborg as it’s Origin Slice.

However, the Octopies you submit will influence the total pool of The Baked Octopies. For example, if 10 people submit a Piesces Octopie for the Pie Exchange Compietition, then 10 of the Octopies from The Baked Collection will have Piesces as their Origin Slice. However, it doesn’t guarantee any of the 10 individuals will get one of these Piesces-Baked Octopies.

A look at what a Piesces Octopie turned into The Baked might look like

There are dozens of new traits in this Slice, but keep in mind, whether they even get generated or not is somewhat determined by the Octopies that are traded in. That makes this a truly community-driven Slice.

There will also be 3 Leaders of The Baked up for grabs, which are 1 of 1 custom NFTs. Each one has a unique name, bio, and backstory. Just like the Leaders of the “original” Slices. We’ll be teasing more on these Leaders — and other traits and Octopies from The Baked — over the course of the next couple weeks in our Discord and on our Twitter. Keep your eyes on the pies!

Getting Technical

One thing we want to make clear and repeat is that at NO point do you need to move your NFT out of your wallet for it to be transformed. Simply submit it in the Compietition and keep hold of it. Keep in mind that if you have it listed it might sell, or if someone makes an offer and you accept it, that will also mean the Octopie will no longer transform into an “Unrevealed” Octopie NFT. Once the Octopies are in the unrevealed format, they can be moved around — either purchased, sold, or traded — with no issue. All of the unrevealed Octopie NFTs will still turn into one of The Baked at the reveal time.

If you made a submission and want to change it while the Compietition is open and running, just make a new submission. The latest submission entry is what will be used. If you want to fully cancel a submission, you must reach out to the team at least 24 hours before the Compietition wraps up and we will do our best to accommodate.

Once all the Compietition entries have been submitted, we’ll do a couple of sanity checks to make sure the submission data looks ok. Then we’ll have our lead developer Bonfire get to work on turning them all into the “Unrevealed Octopie” format. Effectively “wiping” the metadata and artwork. We will aim to do this as soon after the Compietition wraps up as we can, but please allow up to 48 hours for this process.

After this, the team will work on summarizing the total number of Octopies that were submitted from each Slice. These numbers will be fed into the generation process for The Baked, determining the percentages for the “Origin Slice” trait for The Baked. If we see 10 Pieborgs, 20 Vampiers, and 50 Piesons being submitted, then there will be 10 Pieborg-Baked, 20 Vampier-Baked, 50 Pieson-Baked and the 3 Leaders that will be randomly distributed.

The Leaders will be “sourced” from Pieland Octopie NFTs in our vault. We will submit 3 of the “Blank” Pieland NFTs that we created during the original mint. Therefore, 3 of the Baked will go back to the Vault account for this. Note — there will also be some other Octopies from the Vault that we submit for transformation, so the number going back to the Vault will actually be higher than 3. If the Vault receives a 1/1 The Baked Octopie NFT, we will find a fair and somewhat randomized way to distribute it back to the community.

While employees/team members typically can’t enter Pieland Compietitions, we will lift that rule for this. That means they can transform some of their Octopies if they wish. However, again, if an employee ends up with a 1/1 Leader or some other very unique/rare Octopie from The Baked, we will find a fair and somewhat randomized way to distribute it back to the community.

We estimate we will see around 250–450 Octopies from The Baked being claimed, but we can not guarantee or be sure of the numbers. The Pie Exchange Compietition will be open for employees to take part in, and we will be submitting some Octopies from The Vault into the transformation process. For full disclosure — we may also purchase some listed Octopies from the Marketplace to be submitted into the Compietition over the coming days/weeks.

Welcome to Pieland!

Going Through Changes

The transformation process will change almost every detail about the Octopie NFT. To give a clear summary, it will change:
– The name of the Octopie NFT
– The metadata of the Octopie NFT
– The artwork/image of the Octopie NFT
– Any customized name or bio will be reset to default.

Please make sure you fully understand this before committing to submitting your Octopies. It also means the rarity % of all other Octopies will change based on what is submitted to be transformed. If someone submits a bunch of Pierates with the “Cannon” trait, the ones that aren’t submitted will become “more rare” % wise in the Pierate Slice, due to the reduction in total number of Octopie NFTs with that trait. However, we also predict that The Baked Slice will be “more rare” than the other Slices due to estimates of how many are submitted. Please keep this in mind if rarity rankings are a priority to you.

Get To Bakin’

We know this is a lot of information. It may feel overwhelming or confusing. Fortunately, our whole team is on deck to help explain and clarify any questions or issues you have. We’ll be regularly reminding folks of both this blog and the Compietition itself in the days leading up to it.

We know this approach to providing new assets into a world isn’t “usual” in this space. Which is one of the reasons we want to do it! If you have any further questions or uncertainties about this process, please reach out to the team on Discord and we will help to clarify things. We truly believe this will be a more fun, engaging, and interesting way to show the evolution of this world and the Pieland collection.

In the meantime, keep an eye out on the #Sneak-Peek channel in Discord to see us showing off some of the traits and characteristics from this new Slice!