A Burning Boss Battle!

5 min readAug 8, 2023

A burning Compietition is coming to Pieland!

At Pieland HQ, we love experimenting with different ways to engage our community. From last year’s Boss Battle against Scraps, to the Doughdiac 1 of 1s, to the release of The Baked — Pieland has done a lot. But, one thing we haven’t done yet is burning!

When we say burning, what we mean is: removing or “destroying” the NFT from the Pieland collection… forever. Whether it’s an Oven, an Octopie, or a PieOAP, the concept is the same — an NFT that is burned can’t be recovered. Therefore, we want to make sure all of our community members who might be interested in taking part in a burning Compietition are fully aware of what it involves. We also want to stress that as this is our first time doing a burning Compietition, it is somewhat of an experiment. So if you’re not sure you want to take part, feel free to sit this one out!

Another Boss Battle!

The Compietition

What Is It?
Those of you who have been following along with the lore of Pieland will have seen a recent update about the Truffalo, a scary beast that has crossed paths with your Octopies! Fighting the beast means almost certain doom, but it also comes with a chance at some tasty rewards.

Like the previous boss battles, prizes will be awarded based on points. You earn more points depending on what Octopies you submit. As there are multiple prizes to earn, some will be given out based on the leaderboard position, and some done as a random pick weighted by points. So the more points you have, the higher your chance of winning, even if you don’t make it into the top few spots!

Due to the permanent nature of this Compietition, please make sure you read through all the information provided before you submit Octopies to the Oven In The Sky. If you have any further questions, you can reach out to us in our Discord. We have intentionally set this Compietition to run over a couple of weeks so that you have plenty of time to make sure you’re comfortable taking part.

How To Enter
Entering the Compietition is different to a usual Compietition, but we’ve done our best to keep it simple — collectors simply need to send 1 or more Octopies to the oveninthesky.eth address (this address is 0xd10661677A58E03903cB587E2951c39d40921592. But you can just send it to oveninthesky.eth). One of the easiest ways to send it would be via OpenSea, who have a handy guide on sending NFTs to another Wallet right here. There will not be an option to enter the Compietition or send in your Octopies via MyPies.

This OvenInTheSky.Eth wallet is being treated as our “holding” wallet. The Octopies you send there will be kept in the wallet to track the submissions and keep it easy for everyone to see what has been submitted. Once the Compietition is over, we will send (almost!) all of the NFTs to be permanently destroyed.

Please note that this means you will have to pay the gas fees to submit your Octopies. We recommend you wait for gas to be low — don’t feel rushed or pressured to send them in, there’s no benefit to being early to enter the Compietition. We will not be refunding any gas fees spent on transferring the Octopies, and there is no guarantee of a prize or reward for sending in your Octopie NFTs.

The Scoring
This is a boss battle, which means points will be in play! However, due to the nature of this Compietition, points won’t be updated in real time. About halfway through the Compietition, we will share a leaderboard of the current submissions. This will show what collectors have currently earned from their points, and give you a chance to check on yours. The total points you have can be increased right up until the end of the Compietition, but not after!

There is a limit of 15 Octopies submitted per account, so keep that in mind. That being said, here is the points system:

  • First Octopie Burned = 10 Points
  • Each Additional Octopie Burned = 15 Points
  • 3 Octopies from the same Slice = 15 extra Points
  • 5 Octopies from different Slices = 25 extra Points
  • Each Octopie with a Compienion = 3 extra Points

If you are confused by any of this, but still want to take part, feel free to choose the first option and submit only one Octopie! You still have a chance to win a prize even with just one entry.

The Prizes
Those of you who took part in our previous Pieland Boss Battle will know that the prizes we share here won’t be all there is! There will be a few surprises along the way and in the future. That being said, here’s a look at the main prizing:

  • Custom 1 of 1:
    The first place winner will receive an invitation to create a unique 1 of 1 Octopie, working alongside our resident art wizard Ryan.
  • PieOAPs:
    These winners will be selected via your leaderboard position.
    - Gold PieOAP — 1st — 3rd Place
    - Silver PieOAP — 4th— 10th Place
    - Bronze PieOAP — 11th — 25th Place
  • ETH Prizes:
    These winners will be selected via points-weighted randomisation.
    1 — $350. 2 — $250. 3 — $150.
  • Other Prizes:
    - 10 Some.Place Potions
    - 3 Pieland T-Shirts
    - 3 $50 Uber Eats Vouchers (randomly picked for one in each PieOAP group).
    - 1 randomly selected entry receives their Octopies back instead of them being destroyed.
The dreaded Truffalo, up close and personal

Wen Burning?

As soon as this blog is live, the Compietition has started! The official start time is Tuesday, August 8th, at 10am PT. Since this Compietition requires collectors to send in Octopies, and therefore pay gas, we will run it for slightly longer to help folks have more chances for lower gas fees. So the Compietition will be open until Tuesday, August 22nd at 10am PT. The Burning will take place within 4 weeks of the Compietition closing. The full list of Octopies to be destroyed will be shared with the community via our Discord and Socials at least 24 hours before we do so.

In summary, the Compietition is open from August 8th until August 22nd.

So, please, don’t rush in! Take your time figuring out which of your Octopies you would be ok to lose forever. Make sure you double check the Octopies you select to send in — and don’t do it while gas prices are high!

Have fun!

We want to remind you all that this is not a Compietition we expect everyone to enter. We see it as a fun experiment, and an opportunity to try something new for the community. As such, we welcome your feedback and ideas, as well as any questions, in the Pieland Discord.